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The Midlist was created in December 2013 as a project of Libboo, Inc. Our mission at The Midlist is to ensure that readers have an easy way to discover great books by talented authors who are bestseller-quality, even if they haven't broken through the ranks to be a bestseller yet.

Libboo’s mission is, and always will be, to help talented authors be discovered in a crowded space. The Midlist was born from asking the question: How do we introduce talented authors that have not yet broken through to the mainstream of readers? The Midlist is a daily free and discount eBook email featuring talented authors who we believe produce books that are bestseller quality, even if those books aren’t necessarily bestsellers on the charts yet. Readers can now expect to discover talented authors every day when subscribed to The Midlist newsletter.

Our community of readers can also trust that authors featured on The Midlist are carefully selected based on the content quality as well as the author’s brand engagement. The authors featured in The Midlist haven’t paid to have their books included in the newsletter. Instead, The Midlist team plans to ensure that readers are receiving quality free and discount eBook recommendations through a combination of technology and human effort. It’s time for the publishing industry to take a step forward and support great talent and content, no matter the origin—traditionally or independently published. We believe the reader will lead this movement by supporting talented authors and reading books they find on The Midlist.

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Amy Maurer
Technical Marketing Manager
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Production & Operations Coordinator
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